The Need for Electric Fencing

To understand the need for electric fencing in South Africa, you don’t need to delve too deep into the crime statistics of South Africa, or many other countries around the world. There are many different security systems available today that services their own unique purpose. An example of this can be an alarm system, which is there to warn you or your neighbours that someone has entered your home or property. At the same time an alarm system does not only create an alarm for you, but it also tends to alarm the burglar or animal that might have entered your home of their own accord.

The first type of security that was used by people was the wall. Although it was created for an entirely different purpose it was quickly adapted to become higher and thicker for the purposes of protecting one’s privacy as well as your property. Security gates are the second type of security that is still a popular trend amongst South Africans and the world alike, these security gates were then adapted for windows and called burglar bars. All of the above mentioned security precautions only work to an extent and electric fencing can help to complement their security features.

Electric fencing is an effective measure that works to prevent a good number of thefts and burglaries from happening. While there have been attempted burglaries, and even some that were successful, the companies that manufacture electric fencing and their trigger systems have been able to stay one step ahead of these criminals by constantly improving on the technology. Every new product that goes onto the market does so, on a trial basis. This means that although these products have been tested and proven to work, they need a practical trial run and the best way is to put it out there and continually improve on the results.

Electric fencing manufacturers work in the same manner. With state of the art advancement in the industry, it has become virtually impossible for any criminal to bypass this security feature and enter a property that has electric fencing surrounding it. Although not yet full proof, electric fencing, when coupled with existing security measures is sure to keep your house as safe as possible and provide you with peace of mind that you need.

Effective Security Feature

What makes electric fencing so effective is the fact that it plays on the senses of the human being. Our sense of touch is probably one of our most important senses as it makes things real. For instance, somebody that cannot see in the dark will grope around with their hands to make sure that they can recognise the elements around them. Due to the fact that our bodies are trained to retract at the first feeling of pain, electric fencing is an effective measure to ward off criminals as it can deliver a shock and this will make anyone retract their hands.

So to try and avoid the pain, one will rather stay away than receive a shock. By using basic human senses electric fencing is effective in a way that no other security system short of a trap can be. For more information on electric fencing and other security measures you can visit Tandem Security online and find the security solution that bests suits your needs.

At Tandem Security we will work with you to secure your property. South Africa has one of the most envied climates in the world, but what fun is it if you can’t enjoy it? With our electric fencing and other security products we will secure your home which will allow you to enjoy the inside and outside of your home any time of the day or evening. For affordable quotes on investing in electric fencing, contact any of our seasoned sales technicians.