Access Control

Access Control

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What is Access Control?

Access Control is the different electronic equipment used to enter premises. The responsibility to grant access is taken away from security guards and is done electronically. 

Boom Gates

To open doors, traffic barriers and gates, the following equipment can be used:

Gate Motors and Sliding Gates

Access control at corporate properties:

  • Commercial intercoms on which the visitor can phone the resident to open the gate at a property for them. They will receive an exit code to leave the property when they are done. -Note that there is a monthly cost involved.
  • Cellular device to open the gate. The visitor phones the resident to gain entrance. The system is installed inside the gate motor lid. The resident, whose detail is registered on the website can open the gate from his cellphone. The gate must be monitored with cameras. All activations and times are registered on the website. You can see who opened the gate. This is recommended for small complexes and private houses. It does not include speech on the unit itself. There is no monthly cost involved. We supply the clients with the website and do the unit setup.
  • For corporate properties we supply and install High-end Card and Fingerprint readers with the software needed to open gate motors, booms, and turnstiles.
  • We can also use facial recognition cameras that will automatically open the gates by registered users look into the camera.
  • We maintain the systems during the warranty period and thereafter.

Why Use Tandem Security?


Tandem Security Systems can assist clients to design a solution to suit their needs.

Access control systems can be integrated with CCTV systems to monitor that the person registered on the card is the same person on the camera footage. Tandem Security Systems can assist clients to design a solution to suit their needs. Together with our suppliers we can advise different ways to design your system according to your specific needs before the tender process.


Tandem Security Can Assist with various brands of card and biometric systems on the market

There are various brands of card and biometric systems on the market. The price range can often determine the functionality and quality thereof. The complexity of the programs has to be taken into account when deciding on a specific brand. Keep in mind that the system must not be complicated to manage.