Wall top fence with extra lines between pillars

Wall top electric fences

Corporate Electric As Well As Domestic Electric Fences For Shock And Alarm

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Electric Fences installed on top of walls (or steel structures) are referred to as Wall Top Electric Fences.

Intruders often climb over walls to gain access to properties. It is scary to see what they are capable of when they really want to get in.

Electric Fencing Wall Top


Wall top electric fences from 8 line up to 12 line fences.

Consumers often only realize the true value of a security system after an incident has occurred. Using a surveillance system for detection of motion within a property is no longer an option. One needs to be able to detect and identify the intruder. Only then is the surveillance system of any real value.

FAQs Electric Fencing


Let’s answer some of the FAQ’s

Why do we recommend electric fences as first line of defence?

Answer: When an intruder wants to get in, we want to stop or slow him down. They climb over fences to check if the gates are locked. The fence shocks him and acts as an alarm when shorted out.

Can intruders throw a blanket over the fence and climb over?

Answer: Before new legislation was implemented it was possible. If the fence is properly earthed, It is not possible to withstand 9000 Volt.

How many wires are needed on wall top fences?

We recommend at least eight lines. It is possible to climb over when the fence is not high enough. We decide on the number of lines according to the needs on site. An experienced installer can easily see where it is easy to enter.