Freestanding fence 2100 height with intermediate pole.

Free Standing electric fences

Corporate Electric As Well As Domestic Electric Fences For Shock And Alarm

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Freestanding Electric fences are not attached to structures.

Note that there are specific regulations clearly described regarding public areas, the height of the first live wire, and barrier fences.  Please consult SABS 10222-3 for details.

Wall Top Electric Fence


TandemSecurity Systems can source and supply clients in South Africa and neighboring states with material needed for Freestanding fences, should the wish to do the installation themselves.


Freestanding Electric Fences from 8 line up to 12 line fences.

Consumers often only realize the true value of a security system after an incident has occurred. Using a surveillance system for detection of motion within a property is no longer an option. One needs to be able to detect and identify the intruder. Only then is the surveillance system of any real value.

Electric Fencing


Let’s answer some of the FAQ’s

What type of fence wire should be used when installing Freestanding fences?

Braided wire is not recommended at all. The most durable is 2.24mm Double Galvanized Steel wire. Solid Aluminum wire can be used but it could be damaged easier.

What is a Public Area?

An area which is open and accessible to the general public, including, but not limited to roads, pavements, walkways, public squares, parks, beaches and car parks.

What is the minimum height of live wires in public areas?

1, 5 meters

What must be done if a freestanding fence is installed next to a road?

A barrier fence must be installed to prevent public touching the fence.

What can be done if you already have an electric fence installed and bottom wires lower than 1,5 meters are electrified?

Change the bottom fence wires to earth wires and use offset brackets to install live wires on the inside of the property.

Then the wires lower than 1,5 meters acts as a barrier fence.

What is entrapment?

Where a person can be trapped between live wires and a structure, and he might be unable to escape.

That is why barrier fences must be either close to the fence or 1 meter away.