Pretoria security company committed to clients safety

Statistics released from time to time in South Africa on  house and business robberies, rapes and murders, like to to suggest that they have decreased slightly; but South Africans know that these statistics are not true, and the worrying trend  of escalating crime is unlikely to get better in the near future, with the current electricity crisis set to continue for several years to come, and a responsible Pretoria security company alerts its customers to their increased exposure to robberies during these times, and supplies the appropriate equipment as security solutions.

The last ten years has seen Homeowners across the country increasing their property security on a massive scale as crime continues to worsen, and while electric fences and alarm systems often have their own independent batteries,  load-shedding can substantially decrease the lifespan of these batteries, so people need to ensure that regular maintenance checks on batteries are in place.

Our services include the installation and servicing of alarm systems, electric gates and fences, gate automation, CCTV systems as well as intercom systems and we are continually updating our products to keep up with world trends.

A Pretoria Security company like Tandem provides –

  • Unbiased product recommendations
  • Installation and technical support
  • Maintenance and upgrade advice

At the start, be clear about what your expectations are for a Home security system. The number of people who realise that buying security equipment from multiple suppliers is not the optimal way to go, and that doing business with a single security company is better, because if something goes wrong, a Pretoria security company like Tandem then goes the extra mile to make sure implementation and operational staff are well trained to install systems of the  highest quality.

When it comes to reputation, we are a Pretoria security company who is committed to our clients in offering specialized security services to suit your needs and are always open to answer any security queries you may have.