There is no doubt about it, access control gates enhance privacy and security a great deal, but before you settle on automated gates, you should first determine which type of gate is going to suit your particular needs: a swinging- or sliding gate, and which automatic gate opener will work best for the gate?  Because of the importance of such a project – that of securing your property –  it is best to work with a professional company; those that can  provide expert advice on all facets of installation and operation.

Which type of access control gates are recommended?

If you are short on space, then certainly sliding gates would be best; on the other hand a swing gate is easier to install and typically costs less. Sliding gates, however, have advantages in certain situations and for some installations, are the only solution. By contacting product specialists, you can get expert advice with any decision.
Access control gates with an automatic entry gate system can add thousands to home values regardless of whether it has any effect on crime.

Video surveillance systems work well in support of access control gates – a strategically placed video camera can keep an eye on the gated entry area 24/7 and can  identify the vehicle makes and license plates of anyone who approaches.

With any type of access control gates, in-ground loop-detectors are required to automatically signal when a car is present. Loop detectors are also required to prevent the gates from crashing into a car and to allow free comings and goings.

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