Most burglars choose the easy way in—through the front gate. Most often, homeowners decide to use gates which match the style of the perimeter fencing, but whatever the case, its the functional element of the access control gates which is critical. Strength needs to be a key priority in any gate,  as it needs to be able to withstand attacks from motor vehicles as well as thugs attempting to ram their way into your grounds and home.

Access control is a term for a range of products like locks, remote controls and intercoms, designed to allow gate entrance only to specific persons with authorization to enter. If you’ve surrounded your grounds with a strong impenetrable security fence, you should make sure that the gate is  just as difficult to penetrate or climb over, so that it provides you with as much security as the fence does.

All access control gates can be automated with motors and control equipment to operate them in a variety of ways. Nowadays it is possible to open a gate by using a remote control, entering a pin code or by identifying yourself in a remote intercom  Battery back up support is also provided, so that in the event of a power failure, security is never compromised.

Not all access control gates are the same – some security devices perform at a sub-standard level, so you need to look for a company that provides the very best access equipment at the best prices.

Committed to providing outstanding workmanship and quality access control gates to our customers, our company is a leading provider of automated gates and access control systems in the Pretoria region; from uniquely created gates for ornamental purposes to security gates for government facilities, residences and game reserves – whatever purpose –  we strive to meet our customer’s individual security needs.