Reading behind the Access Control Reader

If one should be observant, there are quite a lot of people coming and going in residential or business areas, at different times of days, with various purposes and reasons. And this is rather difficult to monitor. Other people may require extensive security around the area especially in business places that employ hundreds or even thousands of people, including visitors or business partners. This may present a major problem to the company: an unknown visitor coming in without notice, with no known purpose or reason, slipping through security and inside the most guarded area in the vicinity. However, the modern technology now offers a great solution in the form of access control readers

A lot of companies these days are starting to discover, if they haven’t already, the advantages of this innovative product. In place of the old key and clocking-in system, they now prefer an electronic access control reader as it proves to be more cost-effective and more efficient in controlling and managing people.

So how does it work? Well, it’s as simple as this, if the system does not recognise you, the doors or gates will simply remain close. The administrators can just sit back and relax while competently doing their jobs. Not only that, the system can also accurately record the employees’ ins and outs, making the job of payroll a lot easier. As for residential areas, family members can be secure that nobody else can enter their home but themselves and perhaps some visitors, with proper authorisation.

Access control may be categorised in different types which companies or homeowners may choose from. One is Voice and Video Intercom which is usually used in residential areas wherein homeowners have the advantage of seeing the visitor/s first before giving their authorisation to enter through the external speakers.

Then there is the option of a Code-based Access System where it is necessary to enter a pin code into a touch pad or screen. Magnetic Stripe Card Technology, however, is used to access information stored into the credit card sized cards which can be scanned and read by an access control card reader through swiping.

Another is Proximity Technology wherein it is not necessary for the card to touch the card reader. All the person has to do is place the card at a certain distance and voila! The information on the card will be read instantly. There is also a new version of Proximity Technology called Smart Cards, which have bigger capacity or information storage space than the former. And last but definitely not the least is the latest in access control reader technology, the Biometrics, wherein distinctive body features such as retina, fingerprints or palm prints may be used to gain access.

These remarkable and essential inventions are yet another milestone of security – your security. There is so much online information, including this site that will help you find the best access control reader for you. All you have to do is think of the security of your home or business, read all the pertinent information and invest on the most cost-effective way to do it!  If you’re still not sure, however, then simply contact us directly for more information.