When criminals become more and more ingenuous, we need to be one step ahead of them, which of course is pretty difficult, but access control systems are critical, both in protecting commercial buildings and maintaining smooth day-to-day operations, and Homes and businesses  alike are utilizing sophisticated automation systems to more effectively monitor and manage their buildings, facilities, people and processes, and are  more than willing to spend huge sums of money on these access control systems.

Crime is unfortunately part of our everyday lives and often we investigate the possibilty of access control systems after a burglary or attack;  it is absolutely imperative for individuals and businesses alike to take steps to try and combat intrusion before it happens;  systems that are intended to give authorised visitors and employees freedom of movement within specified areas whilst keeping out unwanted callers. In recent years, major digital and biometric advances have evolved to combat these threats, which makes entry for these misfits more difficult.

Swipe Card Access System:
Entrance to a secured area is allowed, through the swiping of a pre-programmed card with magnetic strip through a reader.

CCTV in a reception area:
In order to monitor all those entering a business premises, we can install cameras to provide visual records. A camera positioned at the entrance to a site or driveway will also enable you to monitor all vehicles 24/7, and is a reliable deterrent to robbers.

At Tandem Security, customer’s are anxiously looking for the best in security measures, and because satisfaction is our number one priority, we respond by delivering the best products and service to protect what is yours, whether it be a garage door opener, gate operator, CCTV, wireless intercom, or any of our other access control systems.