Despite Shocking statistics, the South African government is slow to accept that there is a serious crime problem sweeping South Africa into the gutter and they dismiss the issue as exaggerated, but there are people and company’s who realise the severity of the problem and automated Security Gates in South Africa are designed and sold in an attempt to alleviate criminal elements gaining entry by providing a strong barrier for security.

Various control systems are available for these gates to further enhance security, such as remote controls, intercoms, keypads or cards, with additional security devices such as audio and video intercom systems that allow you to hear and see visitors, and activate your gates from within the safety of your property.

The many advantages of automated Security Gates in South Africa are now widely recognised by residential as well as commercial users. They bring security against intruders, all-weather ease of operation and prestige because they are designed by people who have been in the business for ages, making highly reliable and very installable gate systems that are as beautiful and secure as our clients could expect. The strongest materials are chosen for automated Security Gates in South Africa, offering the strength and rigidity of steel that is also easy on the operator.

Commercial customers are offered a range of options that focus on increasing the security and durability of the gate system, taking into account that these gates are subject to a higher volume of traffic, securing their property and their vehicles.

Tandem Security pride themselves in supplying and installing the very best in automating equipment, we are committed to safety, our products come with essential safety features as standard.