The problems associated with power failures or load shedding go way beyond jut the issues of productivity and inconvenience; safety and security are crucial considerations as power failures mean motorized gates, electric fencing and perimeter monitoring will be down, streets and driveways will be dark, providing ample cover for criminals, but a battery for a gate motor will ensure that on dark and dismal nights your security gate is quietly performing when all else has come to a standstill. In the past a gate motor was primarily used as a luxury item towards the Home automation trend, but as violent crime increases in South Africa, it has became a key factor for security.

Many gate operators offer battery powered systems that provide a method to open the gate when electric power has been removed. A battery for a gate motor operates in a couple of different methods.

  • When a power failure occurs, the system immediately commands the gate to open and remain open, or it opens and closes at a much slower pace.
  • when a power failure occurs, the system remains in a stand-by mode until a command from either a radio transmitter or manual switch is received to open the gate.

The radio receiver is powered from the batteries which allows the receiver to remain in operation during a power failure. This design feature also assures that any emergency vehicle using the radio transmitter method of entry will be capable of commanding the gate open even during power failures.

The battery for a gate motor provides a trickle charge to the batteries during normal operation so it is advisable that the system be checked regularly to ensure that the batteries are in good condition and have enough power to open the gate.

If you are sick and tired of being constantly stranded outside your electric gates during power failures, then a battery for a gate motor will change your situation immediately. By contacting Tandem Security, with their sound and expert knowledge, they will turn your frustration into jubilation.