Public road closures and the increasing establishment of gated communities became a topic of intense debate in South African cities since the mid 1990’s, but with crime enjoying free range in South Africa, we have seen a number of gated communities established in South African town and cities; these booms have sparked off a heated debate between those in support of, and those against them, but whether there are  issues that remain unresolved in the heated debate on the appropriateness or otherwise of gated communities, communities are becoming desperate and booms are seen more more.; this is clearly a move in the right direction.

There can be little doubt that gated communities with booms monitored by private security guards are effective for excluding certain people from, or controlling access to, such gated places. While the practice of gated communities, or fortified cities, has been taking place worldwide for centuries, the problem only starts when such road closures are done in public spaces and affect other members of society not party to such arrangements.

Booms are used for a wide range of various applications –

  • Commercial and industrial areas
  • Embassies
  • Offices and government buildings
  • Schools and car parks
  • Shopping centres, hospitals, old age Homes
  • Game Reserves

Booms, available with battery backup, can be used in almost every kind of security or traffic related project like toll roads,  access control for vehicles and pedestrians and fare collection to name a few, and are well known for their outstanding reliability and performance.

At Tandem Security, our boom gates are attractive and robust and provide benchmark opening and closing speeds and are fully compatible with all access control systems.