Choosing the Right CCTV Camera for Your Requirements

A great amount of innovation in recent years has propelled the CCTV camera industry forward into the future. Today, you have many more options available to you, when it comes to choosing a camera system for your premises. It can end up being a tricky decision, but with the right advice and with some basic knowledge, you can make a confident decision and rest assured that you have made the best investment for your property.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are a great weapon in the fight against crime and crime prevention. These camera systems are often used to monitor offices, schools, shopping malls, banks and even domestic homes. It has been proven that CCTV camera systems effectively help to deter vandalism and theft, and also provide 24-hour surveillance of properties and facilities.

Tips to Choosing CCTV Cameras

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when searching for your CCTV camera system:

  • Consider the area to be monitored: Decide what you want to monitor – do you want to see faces of people, customers or employees? Or do you want to monitor stock and goods, or large crowds of people? This will already impact the type of system that you will ultimately decide on.
  • Consider your budget: Aside from buying the actual CCTV camera system, it will also need to be installed. Consider your budget and stay within it, while shopping around.
  • Different types of cameras: There are basically two types of CCTV cameras – the ones that use CMOS, which is the image censor camera, and the ones that use CCD, which produce a clearer and far sharper image but are more expensive.
  • Choose the correct monitor: Make sure to choose a monitor that is compatible with your CCTV camera system.

At Tandem Security Systems, we provide high quality CCTV camera products, which come with full warranties, from our carefully selected industry leading suppliers. We also make sure to install all systems according to their standards and enjoy great cooperation from our suppliers, when required. As part of our product offering, we also provide our valued customers with entry-level DIY CCTV kits. This is perfectly suited for smaller properties that just need a basic surveillance system.

Other CCTV solutions from Tandem Security Systems include basic and advanced IP cameras, as well as full 960H resolution cameras. Footage from the CCTV cameras can easily be monitored and stored off-site, and it includes the live viewing and monitoring of cash transit vehicles, for corporate applications.

Our systems are also fully customisable to fit around your company’s unique needs and budget. In an effort to ensure that our clients are able to reach the best informed decision possible, Tandem Security Systems is also happy to supply demonstrations of all our products. We are proud of our great service history and will work with you every step of the way, to help you make the best decision possible. To learn more about our extensive selection of CCTV camera solutions, speak to one of our sales professionals today.