Whether you are a bank, hospital, grocery store,  warehouse or university,  there are clear and distinct benefits of CCTV cameras for you. Business failures have often been linked to losses from employee theft, and in today’s security-conscious world, safety and security are more critical than ever before and people are looking for comprehensive solutions. It is no longer sufficient to merely review security incidents once they have occurred; being proactive has become essential. The existence of CCTV cameras is seen to be a major deterrent. in itself.

A CCTV system is the perfect tool to look in on your business anytime, day or night, with the added benefit that it may be useful in identifying the perpetrators. The main function of the CCTV system is to allow remote viewing typically from several cameras back to one location within the same building,Most businesses can benefit immediately from the installation of some security cameras.
Some physical features of CCTV cameras:

  • High Resolution Color
  • Tilt/Zoom Cameras
  • Mega Pixel Cameras
  • Hidden cameras
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Viewing via Internet
  • Systems for retail, commercial, industrial and residential applications

CCTV also has unique advantages of always being on. Constant monitoring of access points gives a unique ability to track who could be linked to occurrences, providing the potential for post identification follow up; in fact, the systematic review of CCTV footage can be vital in solving crimes and resulting in an identification of perpetrators.

Ultimately the effectiveness of CCTV cameras is dependent on the company who installs them and their reputation; and for this reason you should not consider having one installed without first consulting with the professionals at Tandem Security