One of the most widely used CCTV security systems that you can acquire for your home is a small black and white camera attached to an intercom system at the main entrance to your property. These types of CCTV security systems provide you with the means to visually identify people who want to gain access to your property as well as to communicate with them to find out their intentions for visiting your residence. There are however a few disadvantages to using these more simplistic CCTV security systems.

One of these disadvantages is that no footage received from the camera will be recorded. The camera as part of these CCTV security systems will also only turn on once someone presses the bell or when you pick up the hand held device to communicate with individuals outside your property. Newer and more innovative CCTV security systems will provide you with continuous live feed that can be monitored on dedicated screens, attached to existing television screens in your home or fed to a computer or laptop. These cameras can be attached to recording devices that store images as data which can be easily retrieved so that you know what has happened on your property even when you are not monitoring the screens.

More updated CCTV security systems also have cameras that include infrared viewing capabilities that allow you to clearly see everything in and around your property even on the darkest nights. Motion sensors can also be attached to the cameras as an energy saving tool which will only turn the cameras on and alert you when motion is detected on your property. Always remember to get a professional assessment of your requirements for CCTV security systems before choosing the right cameras to suit your needs.