Some Features Included In Centurion Gate Motors

There are basically two types of Centurion gate motors for you to choose from. The first type is a sliding gate motor. A sliding gate motor operates by moving the gate along a set of wheels or castors that are fitted to a sliding rail. When choosing this type of gate motor there are a couple of features that you need to look out for to ensure optimal operation. First consider the smooth action of the gate. Automated gates that move along struts or cogs can easily become stuck and so you should choose gate installation with a smooth sliding rail.

Make sure that the Centurion gate motors you choose have a back-up battery supply. With rolling blackouts and the unreliability of the electricity service delivery in South Africa you don’t need to be stuck when you gate won’t open due to a lack of power. Speed is another factor to consider when choosing Centurion gate motors. The faster your gate opens and closes, the greater the safety and security that you will profit from. This requires a gate motor that has the capacity to move the weight of your gate as well as enough push force to get the gate moving.

A convenient added extra is to choose Centurion gate motors that include a timing device. A timing device will shut your gate after a set period of time in the event that you have forgotten to do say. It is human nature to forget things especially when we do them by rote and the addition of a timing feature can give you peace of mind that your gate will be closed and your property secure when you have other things on your mind.