It is no secret that crime is a big problem in South Africa, especially in the Gauteng province. Security fencing is considered vital for those who want to protect their properties, families, and possessions, and different types of security fencing can be seen all across South Africa. Most types of security fencing include some electric component to provide features that are not available with non-electric security fencing installations. Amongst the electric components that can be added to security fencing, VSS (also known as CCTV) is a very effective measure, providing an extra layer of protection to keep intruders out of your property.

As a very effective surveillance technology, CCTV/VSS can be used in conjunction with different types of software to provide different results. For instance, access control can be made more effective with facial recognition systems, and entry to a site or property can be monitored closely with CCTV/VSS. When combined with security fencing and other primary security software, a security solution can be provided that serves the user in many ways. Other security measures such as biometric access control can also be used in combination with security fencing, CCTV, and automatic alarm systems to form a virtually impenetrable barrier.

VSS consists of one or more cameras that can be installed at virtually any site. These cameras are linked to the security system wirelessly or by cable. When particular sensors are triggered – for instance, the breach of electric current on security fencing – it can respond in a variety of ways that can assess the situation and activate appropriate responses in an instant. For example, it can activate an alarm, send CCTV footage to a security company monitoring the premises, and can thus ensure that the property remains safe and that the security fencing acts as an effective barrier and monitoring device to protect the premises.

Security fencing is usually one of the first types of barriers used by people to set boundaries of a property, to serve as a visual deterrent, to direct traffic on work sites, and also to ensure that unauthorised entry is prevented. CCTV/VSS that is connected to facial-recognition software can even ensure that perpetrators are identified, depending on how advanced the software and cameras are. This can provide valuable evidence in court or for insurance purposes and can help police with their investigations of crimes at well-protected sites.

One of the most effective security options for most sites is one that combines electric security fencing with other components like CCTV/VSS, automated response settings, and automated alarms that are set to activate at critical moments. The placement of CCTV or VSS cameras is crucial to capture images of the entire extent of the property or boundary, and as a result, it is vital that security fencing and cameras are all installed by qualified and experienced security technicians.

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