Although we don’t like to believe we are the culprits, we’re still prone to act up and laze around, especially when the boss is away and we believe we can get away with it, but corporate CCTV systems can now monitor individual employees work performance and help improve business, as well as minimizing the risk of theft and other illegal activities. Employees can potentially be more of a threat to an organization than an outsider as they readily have access to sensitive data in the company.

Shops, factories, banks and offices – corporate CCTV systems are certainly an important tool in reducing crime – by ensuring criminals are caught on camera once they have committed an offense such as arson, terrorism and vandalism.

Every type of CCTV user has different needs and requirements. Moving or tilt cameras can take the place of many fixed cameras, because fitted with a zoom lens, they can be remotely controlled to cover a wide area. Often housed in a dome, the cameras can spin round to any position faster than any subject being viewed, and zoom in for a close-up picture, monitoring your business 24/7.

Today’s CCTV systems are far more complex than just a simple camera carrying images to a TV screen; they are very sophisticated computer devices consisting of many processing components and running a whole host of computing and Internet services and protocols.

Corporate CCTV systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth running of your business, therefore it is essential to deploy the skills of a reputable CCTV consultant.

At Tandem Security we have been specializing in corporate CCTV for a number of years and have installed many large corporate CCTV systems as well as small home systems. We have invaluable insight into what works best for you and can supply and fit surveillance systems and accessories at the best prices to secure your work place with the latest technology.