The Pros of Corporate Security Solutions

In a single blink of the eye all the promises of your investments fell through and couldn’t pay off. All the years of your hard work, sleepless nights, sweat and blood suddenly went down the drain and in the end you do not even know why. You may have been a victim of a corporate crime and all because you have not discovered what corporate security solutions can do for you.

Security companies are focusing on solutions that are getting more and more specialised as the need for corporate and other security gets more demanding every day. Human nature dictates that at a certain marker in their lives, a person has a tendency to be blinded by money or power, or both. This fact leaves corporations unsafe not only from the threats of trespassers but sadly, internally through such employees. Company risk management has been a major concern across South Africa and security companies in the country are continuously developing corporate security solutions more improved than the previous to be up to par with the advanced security needs of such corporations.

Business threats have developed and multiplied and has started to manifest in different forms and levels that can really hurt an unprotected company. These may be as simple as spying and recording telephone conversations or fax messages to a more complicated method that involves high-tech audio or video surveillance. This tactic is called Industrial Espionage. Vital company information may be passed on to the market competitor, giving them a head start on the supposedly original idea of your company. In fact, even private offices and boardrooms can be listened into. What you thought was secure and confidential is now out in the open, leaving you eating the dust of the opponent. Industrial espionage is one thing – and theft is another thing. Are you having unexplainable financial losses? There might be a thief right under your nose.

The different packages of corporate security solutions depends of the nature odd the threat and can range from; access control reader, VoIP systems, gate automation, vehicle tagging, wired or wireless CCTV cameras, hidden video cameras, intruder detection alarms, emergency power systems, pepper gas intruder detection system, remote viewing equipment, thermal cameras, face and number plate recognition, to intercom systems. They especially cater to commercial, financial and government sectors at cost effective packages and competent monitoring services.

If you are desperately in search of such expertise, don’t hesitate to contact Tandem Security for assistance. Every company has different needs, and this is something Tandem Security is trained to understand and take into consideration. Attractive corporate security solutions and packages are available across the board; your corporate losses can be prevented before they even have to start.