One of the most basic safety measures you can install to protect your home, property and loved ones are security gates. There is a wide range of security gates that are available on the market but whichever you choose there are some basic principles that the gates must adhere to. First and foremost the gates must fulfil the application for which they were designed for which is security. This basically means that you should gates that are made from strong materials that will withstand a great amount of force.

The security gates must lockable and the locks must be tamper proof. Slam lock security gates are becoming more and more popular as no key is required to close the gate quickly and conveniently. Another gate lock that is gaining popularity but is still rarely seen is a magnetic gate lock. A magnetic gate lock requires a remote control, security swipe card or a password activated key pad to lock and unlock the gate. This is great to improve your security measures as no key is required that can be lost, stolen or copied. These gate locks are widely used in a variety of offices and business premises in South Africa.

You can also choose between standard or retractable security gates. Retractable security gates have an advantage over other types of security gates as they can be used both in and out of doors. The gates can easily be folded out of the way so they do not obstruct traffic or your view when they are not in use. However, these retractable security gates can be more expensive than the standard options so it is important to weigh up your need versus your budget for security gates when choosing between these two options.