Security is at the forefront of many people’s minds in South Africa today, whether you are looking to secure your home or business, and amongst the many different demands for security solutions is that of good quality and effective electric security fencing.  Fencing technology has drastically improved in the last few years, and breaking out of the old barbed-wire fencing mode, and converting to electric fencing means getting electric fence experts in to do the job for you…. expertly! An electric fence must be able to delay forced entry attempts and contain sophisticated sensor detection systems as well as and early warning alarm systems.

But what kind of premises and sites need electric fencing? From car parks to stores to hospitals and schools to military institutions, the list is endless. There are many aspects to electric fencing and electric fence experts have all the answers. We will always tell you to use good quality insulators on  long fences with high powered energizers, as poor quality insulators may not withstand the high voltages and joules needed to effectively power a fence of many kilometers. The right fence and components can provide the protection you need.

An electric fence’s system consists of a mains or solar powered energizer which provides voltage pulses to the electric wires on the electric fence which gives a powerful and painful jolt to an intruder and can cause the nervous system to react in pain. A voltage monitor will sound an alarm or siren if the intruder cuts the wires.

Because different facilities require differing levels of security, electric fence experts offer  customers a variety of quality fencing materials with numerous design styles to choose from.

At Tandem Security, as electric fence experts, we believe in keeping up to date with the latest materials developed with modern technology to ensure that our fences adapt to keeping up with the latest intruder tricks.