Unfortunately, you might as well just accept it;  crime is not getting less like they would like us to believe; it is getting worse – a situation that automatically results in a demand for better measures to safeguard premises and properties. Reliable protection is what we want for our families, and electric fence professionals make themselves available by offering solutions and advice on literally everything to do with securing your home or business with an electric fence.

An electric fence system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal repulse shock to an intruder, and the actual alarm will only activate when the wires are being cut.  Electric fencing has to  be effective, and as electric fence professionals, we have developed advanced systems, suitable for application in all  conditions. We offer mains powered and solar powered energizers that provide exceptional value and outstanding performance.

Electric fence professionals are equipped to handle any job, offering you the finest quality materials and a professional and experienced work crew.  When buying an electric fence, there is more to consider than simply the cost of the fence. You would also need to consider the contractor who will be installing your fence, and electric fence professionals like Tandem are people with vast experience in this field and we will be able to install your fence with no trouble.

Electric fences are designed to create an  electrical network when touched by a person. A component called a power energizer converts power into a brief high-voltage pulse. The effects of the electrical shock depend upon the voltage and  electrical current used, and can range from painful to lethal.

Don’t settle for anything inferior when it comes to securing precious lives. As electric fence professionals, we specialize in all areas of electric fencing, specializing in the supply of fencing materials and installation of fences for the security, agricultural, commercial and wildlife markets. We take great pride in our outstanding service and maintenance record.