Your business or personal assets could be worth millions of Rands, so having your property invaded by thieves or some other form of threat will mean a tremendous loss to your assets as well as your peace of mind. The electric fence is the first line of defense, and as high security solutions, electric fence repairs are essential to ensuring that your fence is in continuous working order; if it is not, the consequences could be extremely detrimental.

If neglected, of course electric security fences are going to deteriorate.  Things like rust, weeds and tree growth, extreme weather conditions, as well as human impact can all combine to reduce the effectiveness of your fence and the entire system, in fact.

Intruders are watching all the time, and they know exactly when your fence is not working. Preventative maintenance will give you peace of mind that your premises are protected at all times, which means that electric fence repairs have to be speedy, professional and effective to ensure the continued protection of your property. The best maintenance however, is done on a regular basis, rather than only when there is a problem.

Electric fences, no matter what their style or material can provide a wide range of benefits to your property, but there is no point in installing the best detection and monitoring systems when they aren’t in perfect running order… continuously. On-going privacy, physical security and the ability to detect and monitor visitors are prime motivators for electric fence repairs.

We are renowned across Pretoria for the prompt back-up we provide for our electric fences installed for a wide range of customers. Working with commercial, private and industrial clients, small or large, we cope with all projects, simply because we have a wealth of experience in electric fence repairs, offering the best products and services for the security application needed.