The obvious physical presence of electric fence security in South Africa with the bright yellow warning signs are visually off-putting to any potential intruder and present a potent front-line deterrent. Good installation is the key for successful permanent fences, providing an active deterrent by sending a high-voltage electrical pulse around a multi-wire perimeter fence. Electric fence security in South Africa has found there is an increasing demand for fences with eight wires instead of the common six because the crime is so violent.

Burglar alarms, electric fences, razor wire, guard dogs and armed response: we pay a fortune to feel secure.

Electric fence security in South Africa limits the current to a non-lethal level; the actual pulse lasts only milli-seconds. The source of the high-voltage electrical pulse is an electric fence energizer. The type of energiser depends on the length of the fence, the amount of tree growth on the fence line, the fence line materials and conductors and the power source for the energiser.

Solid corner posts must be very firmly installed at all corners and good quality insulators on the fencing must be used; this is particularly important on long fences with high powered energisers, as poor quality insulators may not withstand the high voltages and joules needed to effectively power a long fence.

The advantage of electric fencing is that it gives the potential intruder a nasty Shock as well as sounding a siren, alerting you that somebody is at your perimeter. If the intruder attempts to invade your property by climbing the fence or tampering with the fence, an alarm will go off. Electric fence security in South Africa successfully denies intruder entry!

All our fences are compliant with regulations at Tandem Security, which means you can rest assured that you and your family are fully protected.