In the times that we live in and the constant increase in crime figures it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to security systems to protect their families and their assets. Although there are many security systems on the market there is no product that is quite as effective as an early warning system such as an electric fence system. An electric fence system is the first system that intruders are required to overcome when it comes to security systems and will serve as either a deterrent or an early warning system.

An electric fence system is designed to be stable enough to keep intruders out and should have as high a voltage as possible. The other two things about an electric fence system is that the system should have an alarm system that sounds if someone tries to tamper with the system, this alarm can be a free standing alarm or can be routed through your existing alarm company.

The right manufacturer for your electric fence system

There are many companies today that offer the services of security solutions but Tandem Security Systems has been in the security industry for a decade and our knowledge and expertise is an asset to your security. Tandem Security Systems is a company that is based in Pretoria and supplies quality electric fence systems for clients in and around the Pretoria area. With Tandem Security Systems you are certain that the workmanship comes with a hallmark of excellence.

The different electric fence systems

There are two main electric fence systems that can be installed on your property:

  • A wall top electric fence system
  • This electric fence system is designed to be added to the existing wall or fence around your property. At Tandem Security Systems we use six or eight line brackets which are manufactured by the company according to the specifications that you require. All the line brackets manufactured through our company are properly powder coated.
  • A freestanding electric fence system

The basic idea of a freestanding electric fence system is that the fence is constructed from the start. The main features of a freestanding electric fence system are:

Tandem Security Systems is an experienced member of the security industry and our experience within the industry is what makes us a preferred choice for any electric fence system in and around the Pretoria area. Contact our staff today to find out how you can benefit from added security solutions.