The effects of electric fenced sliding gate combinations has an extremely positive effect on the value of the property, and South African’s, when looking to buy a new home, make their decision according to the security measures that are in place. One can safely say, that the installation of an electric fenced sliding gate set up almost guarantees the quick sale of residential property.

The first line of defense has to be to secure the perimeter with appropriate electric fence sliding gate  control. There is little point in installing other detection and monitoring systems when the first line of defense is flawed.

An electric fenced sliding gate  forms both a formidable barrier and a visual deterrent.  For anyone who wants an outstanding security solution and wants their premises to look militant, fencing and gating which is several meters in height can prove to be both an economic and efficient perimeter security solution. This style of fencing can make a barrier that is treacherous to climbers due to the design.

With the perimeter of any fenced premises there is always an access point for cars which presents a risk to the site and an opportunity of access to intruders.  An electric fenced sliding gate provides an impregnable barrier against vehicles who try to ram their way in. Strength, therefore, needs to be a key priority in any gate as they need to be able to withstand attacks from vehicles of this nature.

An electric fenced sliding gate  can be automated with heavy duty motors and control equipment to operate them in a variety of ways. Battery back up support should be provided in the event of a power failure.

When surveying your boundary, ensure that all entrances are secured and protected with strong fencing and security gates. At Tandem we provide quality well-constructed electric fenced sliding gates designed to meet every requirement and all tastes.