In the 50’s people generally had low walls or fences surrounding their properties allowing everyone to see into their gardens and even their homes. Walls were not seen as a means of protection and indeed security was less necessary as the crime rate was much lower in that era. But with the crime rate steadily increasing, walls became higher as people tried to protect themselves from intruders and criminals. However high walls meant that no-one could see into the properties any longer giving criminals the privacy they require to do their nefarious deeds. In this day and age electric fencing is the way to go to provide the necessary security and leave your property open to view.

On the other hand, leaving you property open to view gives the criminal element the opportunity to view you, your routine and your belongings better. This makes a high wall in conjunction with electric fencing the ideal means to offer you a more comprehensive security solution. The electric fencing can simply be placed on top of the wall creating a barrier that is there to deter and prevent intruders from entering your property. It is important to realise the importance creating a barrier around the perimeter of your property.

The perimeter of your property is your first line of defence as a security measure. Therefore this is the first type of security you should look at when you are choosing security products. If an intruder cannot get in, you are less likely to become a victim of crime in your neighbourhood. Your local security specialist can assist you with electric fencing and other security measures to ensure that the perimeter of your property is secure keeping you, your loved ones and your property safe.