Electric Fencing Protects Many Pretoria Residents

Sadly, South Africa’s long-overdue transition to a more democratic style of government has, as is commonly the case, been accompanied by some teething troubles. Of these, the escalating crime figures have, without doubt, proved to be by far the most disturbing. The trend has been accompanied by a huge growth in the country’s security industry and in its attempts to implement solutions such as electric fencing designed to shield citizens and property owners in Pretoria and other cities and towns throughout the republic against incidents of burglary and home invasions that have risen to epidemic proportions.

An alarmingly large proportion of the country’s citizens have been directly or indirectly affected by this surge in crime; either as a result of some personal experience or that of a family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague. Often the crimes can be extremely violent in nature and the incidence of murder and rape, far too common.

In order to continue enjoying the traditional outdoor lifestyle that is so important to most South Africans as the natural legacy of the country’s exceptionally favourable climate, it has now become necessary to safeguard those taking part in such activities with some suitably effective precautions.

Any device employed for this purpose must satisfy a number of basic requirements. It should serves to prevent access to premises by intruders whilst also securing those that may be present on those premises. In addition it should be alarmed so as to prevent a potential intruder from tampering with and, perhaps, deactivating it. To provide the maximum protection the device should also alert an armed response service to react top any attempt at unlawful access.

These requirements are met perfectly when installing electric fencing of suitable design and performance. Consequently, Pretoria citizens have been quick to adopt this simple yet highly effective deterrent and for many, Tandem Security Systems has become the company of choice from which to obtain this equipment along with its other security-related products and services.

Even where safety and security are at stake, price must often remain an important factor when planning a purchase and Tandem strives to provide its clients with high quality, custom-built products at an affordable price and that are designed to meet and exceed the most stringent performance standards. Not confined to domestic use, these items can also be found at government and municipal sites protecting expensive installations such as electrical substations or securing the perimeter of game farms.

It is worth noting that cheaper electric fencing, readily available in Pretoria and elsewhere in the country, often operates at voltages that are too low to deter intruders effectively and have no means of detecting attempts at tampering.