DIY Electric Fencing and Prices

Electric fencing prices are available for every budget and every need. Are you going to install the fence yourself, or are you going to hire someone else to install the fence? If you are going to do this as a DIY project, this article may be of assistance to you.

First, you will need to decide which system you want to install. This will no doubt depend upon the electric fencing prices, but that may not be all you should look at when deciding the fence you want to install. Look at all the pros and cons of each system to decide which will be the system that is right for your specific needs.

After you have decided on the fence you want, it is time to install the fence. Start by planning how you want to layout your fence and where you are going to put the wiring and fence posts.

Electric fencing prices are most affordable and installing an electric fence is the fastest way to put up protection. Old fashioned barbed wire fencing could very well cost you a few hundred rands to install and that does not include your labour. Electric fencing prices are a whole lot cheaper, thus making it a way of saving you quite a few Rands.

Fencing Animals In

Electric fencing should be thought of as more of a mind game with the animals you want to keep pended up, or keep out. In other words, make the shock strong enough that the first time an animal tries to knock down the fence and go through it; they get the shock of their life! The next time they will think twice before attempting a break out.

When you build a gate for the fencing, make it extra wide. This is because an animal that has been taught to stay away from the electric fence will shy away from for even the gate, they are afraid to even go near the fence because they do not want another shock. The wider gate relieves some of the anxiety they may feel and it will be easier for you to corral the animals through the gate.

Electric fencing prices vary due to the type of fence you buy. There are two types of fencing. One is a hot wire system and the second is a hot ground system. The hot wire system works by shocking the animal’s feet as the soil is damp and the current makes a full circuit from the wire to the animal’s feet and out, back through the ground to the rods. The hot ground system works under the hot wires.

Whichever type of wiring you decide to use will determine the electric fencing prices. Careful study and thought should be put into your final decision in order to get the best price and the best quality of fencing. If you decide to use electric fencing, you will not be sorry. It works just as well as barbed wire, if not better.