Electric gate motors supply the power that opens and closes your automatic gate. The motor receives a signal from a remote control instructing it to open or close. Gone are the days of slow operating gate motors which were big and bulky with no battery backup and were expensive to maintain. Huge improvements have been made to the motors, and now most brands come with battery backup as standard.

Swing gates or sliding gates, electric gate motors work with both, but what you choose ultimately depends on the specifications of your gate. the size, length, weight, and material. Residential motors are best when used six to seven times daily while a commercial motor offers the longest warranty and better performance if usage is higher.

Some electric gates are powered by batteries while others can be solar powered; still others are powered with a combination of both. It’s the transmitter and receiver that allow you to control the electric gate from afar. There are many different kinds of electric gate motors; differing in design and power,  depending on the type of gate you have – a single swing electric gate would need a different  gate motor from a double swing electric gate, while sliding gates would also need a specific motor, and wrought iron gates again would need different  gate motors than a wooden gate. Electric gate motors can also be installed underground, though its not ideal to place them in areas that are prone to water exposure.

You need to choose gate motors from a reputable company; a company that only believes in choosing a quality motor so that you can be assured of complete operational reliability. Tandem’s electric gate motors are tested and guaranteed  to ensure years of trouble free performance.