Securing Your Electric Gates

One of the main reasons that people have electric gates installed is to improve the security measures on their properties. However, many people forget that they have to secure the electric gates as well as the motors to ensure that they are tamper proof. Electric gate motors that can easily be accessed can be a weak link in any security system. Make sure that your electric gate motor is placed in a box that can be locked to make it more difficult to access. In addition you should be able to place a pad lock on this security box to further secure the electric gate motor.

Electric gates can also become a security risk during power failures or other interruptions to your power supply. The motors for your electric gates should have some sort of backup power supply to ensure their continuous operation. Most electric gate motors simply use a rechargeable battery that is designed to last through normal power failures that occur for short periods of time. Alternatively, you can attach the motor for your electric gates to a generator of some sort. Make sure that the generator you choose will be able to handle the power load of the electric gates and that it will automatically kick in upon an interruption to your electricity supply.

Your local security expert can assist you with these and other measures to ensure that your electric gates are safe, secure and operational at all times. It is also important to have your electric gates, motors and backup power supply professionally installed by an electrician or other type of technician who is qualified and experienced in this field.