Electrical fencing is a particularly effective part of any home security system; it’s not the defining component but a key part of protecting the perimeter of your property, but some important factors to consider to ensure it serves its purpose effectively:

You’ll want electrical fencing that is customised to your requirements, is installed by experienced professionals; technicians who will advice you on the various options and features and who will ensure that your investment works efficiently into the future for providing a high level of protection and security to effectively deter trespassers and intruders.

Whether your business is commercial or industrial, for use on game reserves as well as for agricultural purposes and containing livestock and domestic animals; or whether you just want protection for your home, at Tandem we will design a perimeter security solution just for you; all our electrical fencing is compliant with regulations, and we put up a fence of quality because we believe in choosing leading products and all the right materials.