Are you prepared to confront the cause of the chaotic realities in South Africa? Are you willing to ask why murder and rape is so widespread, how this country has gone beserk on brutality, and what the possible solution could be? Well look around, the state of our nation today – the wars, greed and violence – all the product of broken laws.  Electrical installations, in recognition of the lawlessness, means that we can at least take steps to secure the environment we move in.

When it comes to purchasing and installing security services, there are many companies on the market willing to offer advice, products and services, but there are some company’s that don’t measure up, and you could end up with defunct equipment when a knife wielding gang is trying to enter your home. At Tandem we complete all our quality electrical installations timeously,  professionally and within budget..

With high electric fencing surrounding your premises, intercom systems are the perfect solution in connecting you to the outside of your home or business. Nowadays, most of our fencing systems can be complemented with electronics to detect if the systems have been tampered with.

Intercom systems, CCTV systems intended to provide a visual record of the events in colour or black and white, and from small to large commercial installations, swipe card systems, electric fencing with automatic gates, we have a wealth of skills for electrical installations. Our automated gates provide powerful performance and reliability with the highest levels of safety and security. All systems combine long-term reliability with ease of use and include advanced anti-crushing, obstruction sensing and automatic locking features.

Whether protecting your home or your business, electrical installations need to be individually designed, professionally installed and regularly maintained. Tandem Security, with our skilled professionals, will do all your security installations, from the perimeter of your property to the inside of your home, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.