Electronic fencing acts as a visual, mental, and physical barrier for intruders as well as for livestock and big game animals; strong enough to act as an effective boundary, while providing the additional deterrent of an electric shock. An electric fence consists of  strands of bare steel wire charged to deliver a convincing but short-lived electric shock when touched

The electric fence will be connected to an energizer which provides the power for the electric shock. One part of the energizer connects to the electronic fencing; the other connects to a rod that is earthed into the ground.

Since electricity will only travel through a closed circuit, the fence wire, energizer and ground rod are three parts of a circuit waiting to be closed; when an intruder touches the wire, it closes the circuit, and electrical current flows through the person.  Consequently, the intruder will feel a shock, really rather a sharp jolt of electricity, which strongly discourages him from touching the fence again. The strength of the shock depends on the energizer’s voltage and amperage:

The only facet where costs can be limited without adversely affecting the effectiveness of electronic fencing, is the degree to which accessories are incorporated into the overall design.

With the right fence design and constructed in the right location and with the right materials,  well-built electronic fencing will earn you safety and security; worth it’s weight in gold when they are inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Experience has shown that there are few circumstances in which electric fences will not work when a fence is designed and built properly using the correct equipment. At Tandem we offer a full range of products backed by years of research and continual product improvement and up-grades, which means we provide safe, high quality electronic fencing built to stand the test of time.