Electronic gate access provides convenience and added security. A gate without an access control system would simply lose its appeal, especially when you have to get out your car every time to manually open your gates. With an access control system, when you approach the gate, you simply press a button on the control box, and within seconds the gates glide open.

A vital component of electronic gate access is the gate opener; a  mechanism that opens and closes the gate, powered by an electric motor. When the gate opener receives a signal from the remote control for instance, it responds. The type of gate opener that is used depends upon a number of factors: the size and weight of the gate, and the number of times it will be required to open and close.  A wide variety of electric gate access accessories can be used with an access control system – from simple push-button operation to a sophisticated telephone entry system.

With electronic gate access, a power failure won’t leave you stranded. Many manufacturers offer low-cost battery backup systems; and some will open the gate and leave it open until the power is restored, while others will allow a basic system to remain in operation.

Electronic gate access is also beneficial because it can be programmed to identify authorized persons allowed to enter.  If a vehicle or person can’t show authorization, the gate remains closed. Automatic gates can be connected to a computer inside the house.

A reputable  electric gate installation company will advise you on the best electronic gate access system and the installation process; it is absolutely crucial to hire only professionals to do this for you; when it comes to protecting your property, you can’t afford to cut corners and at Tandem we take security seriously; our products are rigorously tried and tested to match up!