Garage door automation ensures that your garage doors not only open quietly and effortlessly, but are designed with the best safety and security features available, and when it comes to convenience, there’s nothing more convenient than an automated garage door, especially when it’s raining. With a remote control, you simply press the button on the hand transmitter and your garage door opens; the operator light switches on automatically and stays on until you leave your car.

Automatic garage doors can be custom designed to look attractive, while at the same time making it extremely easy for you just to simply come and go. It’s important though to get professionals in to do your garage door automation as they know all about the different brands and products as well as all the specifics your particular garage door will require.

It doesn’t matter what type of garage door you have, whether it’s up and over, sectional or roller, tracked or trackless ; whether it’s made of wood or steel,¬† with a reputable and experienced company, your existing garage door can be perfectly automated. Choose from belt drive, chain drive or autoglide openers; they all operate quietly and efficiently.

For security:

For maximum safety, you will need garage door automation that automatically reverses if the garage door senses an obstacle, because a garage door is astonishingly heavy and the motor must stop immediately if something obstructs the door.. Some models have features which allow you to disable remote opening.

No power, no access?

An emergency release is important for when the electricity is out. Garage door automation comes with an emergency device that allows you to open your garage door manually.

Installing garage door automation is a sound investment, more-so when it is done by professionals¬† – call us at Tandem ……if you want safety and convenience.