While it’s important to perform an annual inspection of your garage doors to head off problems before they start, garage door repairs are best done by  hiring an expert, because you can rest easier knowing that nothing is going to be missed out when it comes to complicated repairs. Getting in professionals you can trust  is important as they give a free estimate quote, they offer great rates on repairs and same day service in areas like Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand.

The most important part of the garage door is the opener and all its springs and mechanical components. The springs are put under enormous tension; they are what provides the door opener with the strength to lift the weight of the garage door.  A regular check of the complete counterbalance system, including the cables, the springs, and the hardware is vital, because if a spring released, it could lash out and kill you.

It’s highly recommended that spring installation and adjustments be left up to professional garage door repairs specialists, who will also inspect and lubricate all the hinges, brackets and rollers;  make sure the tracks are level and properly aligned, and check all nuts, bolts and fasteners.

Some time ago, garage door manufacturers only made wooden garage doors, but steel garage doors are popular because they are more difficult to damage and stand up well to all sorts of weather. Once you have chosen whether you want steel garage doors, wooden garage doors, rolling garage doors or a single or double garage door, you need to know that when we install your garage door we provide garage door repairs as well.

With garage door repairs, it is sometimes feasible to just order the structural piece that needs replacing and you can buy anything from solid door panels to pieces of track, but if you don’t have the technical knowledge, simply call us to resolve all your garage door issues.