Garage doors form part of the security systems which are implemented and installed by Tandem Security in South Africa. This security company makes use of garage doors as a security method to keep the valuables of a Homeowner safe from intruders. Garage doors are available in numerous shapes and forms which can fit any garage space or shape. Garage doors are one of the most conventional and commonly used security system in South Africa as garage doors are physical security measures which have been trusted for many years already.

Garage doors and Security Gates are highly effective security measures as they physically ensure that no intruders enter private property. Garage doors serve as a warning to intruders stating that the property is protected and intrusion is not a good idea. Security systems are made up of various elements in order to ensure success. These elements are made up of physical and electronic. The physical security system is inclusive of garage doors, automatic garage doors, Security Gates and electric fences. The electronic security system consists of surveillance systems and alarm systems.

When installing a security system, one should take into consideration all elements and what would best suit the property. This is crucial when it comes to chosing the accurate garage doors. Garage doors are made from various materials such as wood and steel. Not only do the garage doors need to match the architecture of the house, but they need to offer appropriate security.