The Security Aspects Of Gate Automation

The reason that most people choose garage and gate automation is purely because of the convenience of never having to get out of your car to open and close gates and garage doors again. There is however one other factor to choose gate automation other than the convenience that it offers and this is for security reasons. There are many aspects of garage and gate automation that provide you with improved security measures.

Just think about it – the minute you leave your car to open the gate to your property, you become vulnerable to hi-jacking or attack. With gate automation you don’t have to leave your car at all and can simply press a button on a remote control device to open the gate automatically. The same thing goes for leaving your car to open your garage door especially if it is facing the street. Intruders and other undesired persons can also sneak unsuspected onto your property while you are in the process of entering your property. The risks of this happening to you are just too high not to consider automating the entrances to your property.

Another great security feature of gate automation allows you to open and close your gate to admit guests without ever having to leave your home. This can be done either by using your remote or you can have a switch installed in your home to activate the gate motor. Used in conjunction with an intercom system, you can easily identify who is at your gate and what their reasons for entering your property are. You can further install CCTV cameras at your access points so that you can see what is happening around your gates at all times.