Reliable And Robust Gemini Gate Motors

Gemini is one of the leaders in the industry for supplying reliable and robust gate motors. Their years of experience in the industry have allowed them to manufacture Gemini gate motors that have all the necessary functions as well as a few added extra’s to make life that much simpler to deal with. These features do however not come standard with all Gemini gate motors so make sure that you research the different makes and models of the different gate motors to ensure find one within your price range that meets your needs.

Apart from the standard in or outdoor switch to open or close the gate, Gemini gate motors also provide you with a remote control function. You can also choose to have a pedestrian gate with an electronic, magnetic or normal locking system inserted into your automatic gate. In addition to this you can have infrared sensors installed on the gate to give you the peace of mind that the gate will never close on your car or while there is an obstruction in the path of the gate.

Variable timers are another great feature that you can get with Gemini gate motors. This variable timer will ensure that your gate closes after a chosen interval of time has passed even when you forget to close the gate. Remember that the main reason many people choose Gemini gate motors is to enhance and improve upon their existing security measures and the access points to your property should always be your main concern. Other products that are related to security and the automation of your access points are also available from Gemini gate automation specialists.