The need for higher levels of security to repel sophisticated intruders is growing nationwide. In the past a security fence was merely a passive physical barrier, but the determination of today’s criminals prescribes the use of a strong electric fence with alarms that will react to an intrusion attempt, repel the intruder and delay entry to the premises. Government property electric fences protect millions of rands worth of South African government properties such as military and law enforcement institutions, government and correctional facilities, storage sites, housing communities for Government officials, airports and more.

Electric fences have become a regular part of government security specifications. An electric fence system consists of electric wires carrying high voltage electric pulses that provide a non-lethal shock to an intruder, and tampering with the fence results in an alarm activation, which is transmitted to security personnel monitoring the site. Government property electric fences are also responsible for protecting official residences, judges and magistrates presiding over trials where their safety may be threatened as well as hospitals where medicines and drugs are stored.

Certain places like prisons and mental institutions have special permission to use lethal levels of current in their electric fence barriers to strongly discourage escapes.  Government property electric fences for military installations and vital utility sub-stations may also employ highly-charged electric fences. Warning signs have to be visible in order to reduce the chances of accidental contact.

Electric fences were infamously used to guard the Concentration camps of Nazi Germany during World War II, where lethal voltages and currents were employed continuously. They continue to be used in like fashion at high-security prisons and other Government properties today.

When it comes to security, our  range of Government property electric fences can keep prisoners in, communities safe and can be used in Government agricultural projects. At Tandem we pride ourselves on the reliability of all our products which means that maintenance is virtually eliminated..