Everywhere around us there is an air of frantic desperation as some people try to ease their misery by plundering and stealing, and they will do whatever it takes, even if it means spilling blood, to achieve that, so more than ever before people are taking matters into their own hands and having Home security systems installed in their residences. No matter where you live now, new on the scene is the Home invasion. In such violent chaos you need to safeguard your Home, making it a safe retreat, and it therefore cannot be stressed enough the importance of a Home security system.

To safely protect your loved ones and your treasured possessions, you will want to be a hundred percent sure that you are choosing the best security system and Tandem Security not only provide the best, but their workmanship is such that you will know your Home security system will work efficiently and effectively for you, ensuring a safe outcome should such a ghastly crime scene be planned for your Home.

  • Intercom systems:

Can be an effective method for screening who is at the door, because you can see and speak to them without even having to open the door.

Some systems come with glass breakage sensors, motion sensors and alarm sirens and for additional security, there are video systems that can trigger an alarm that is sent to a security patrol or police, enabling them to be at your premises within a few minutes.

  • CCTV

With video security your safety and protection will be one less thing you have to worry about. Video security is specifically designed for business and Home security and surveillance use. The surveillance equipment can be used by means of waterproof cameras that can be placed inside and outside the Home. They feature 24 hour surveillance and day and night recording.