Range of Home Security Options For Pretoria Families

Although they may serve as a means of delaying an intruder, most homeowners would probably agree that burglar bars are able to provide a home with very little security against the determined criminal. Together with security gates, these somewhat intrusive and unsightly items tend to provide a last line of defence rather than acting as a primary deterrent, even though few residences in the suburbs of Pretoria and other cities are without them.

As in any defensive military operation, the first step must be to secure the perimeter and, in the home, the term is synonymous with the garden walls and entrance gates. While the former may be high, they present no real obstacle and can be scaled in seconds. Even when topped with razor wire, this only serves to delay an intrusion or perhaps to deter the amateur. For effective protection the answer must surely be an electrified fence.

These can be tailored to fit any existing concrete or brick wall as well as palisade fencing and, when supplied and fitted by a reliable specialist such as Tandem Security Systems of Pretoria, they offer a number of important advantages. Quite apart from their ability to deliver a powerful shock to the would-be burglar, the resulting discharge as well as any attempt by the intruder to tamper with the fence mechanism will trigger an alarm, alerting those at home to the event. Incidentally, it is important that the installation you choose is capable of delivering the highest charge permitted under the law if it is to be effective.

Moving from walls to gates, these must not only serve as a barrier to unauthorised entry but, as they have become a common point from which to launch an assault, they must also protect the owner when entering or leaving his or her premises. Automatic gates operated by a remote control provide and excellent means of securing these access points but it is advisable to ensure that they are also well-lit and that one is particularly vigilant during the periods that they are open.

Being able to see who is at your gate will serve to provide further reassurance and adding a CCTV installation to your other precautions represents quite a small but wise additional investment. A good system can be set to optionally display an inset image on your TV screen if required.

Among today’s state of the art home security systems, SMS intruder notification offers an intelligent alarm system that escalates its response in accordance with the extent to which your premises may have been penetrated. Whatever your choice, Tandem Security Systems is eminently qualified to protect your Pretoria property.