It is an unfortunate fact that crime is rife in South Africa and that home security systems have become indispensable.  Very few homes are not equipped with a security system.  Tandem Security offers many types of home security systems to safeguard your family and your belongings.

The first line of defence is often the electric fence.  Tandem Security installs free-standing electric fences or electric fence extensions on top of existing walls or fences.  These electric fences can be linked to an alarm system to alert the homeowner of a breach.  Tandem also offers gate automation (sliding as well as swinging gates), garage door automation, and intercoms at street level so access to the premises can be strictly controlled.  The next line of defence is strategically placed laser beams around the home.  These may be situated in the garden, or in a “funnel” area or space where intruders would have to pass through to reach the home.  These beams can be installed very inconspicuously, and care should be taken to avoid the possibility of false alarms by the movement of vegetation or pets.  When the beam is breached, a silent notification would alert the homeowner.

Tandem Security also supplies and installs CCTV systems for real-time, visual intruder detection.  Fixed, panning and zooming CCTV cameras are available and digital recording of all footage via a digital recording system.  Tandem even offers CCTV DIY kits for the competent owner who would like to install a simple system himself.  CCTV rentals are offered too, and various easy repayment plans.

Contact Tandem Security today for tailor-made home security systems designed to offer you maximum protection at reasonable cost.