Good security is vital in South Africa, and it is important to know which systems to use to protect your assets, your family, and your property from crime and unauthorised intrusion. While CCTV systems and security fencing can go a long way towards ensuring a more secure environment around your home or office, they are not infallible, and the best way to ensure that undesirable people are kept out of your property, is to find a security company that is able to set up a complete, comprehensive security solution that is specifically designed to work on your premises. No two properties have exactly the same security needs – often CCTV systems are not effective when working alone or when not installed property, and blind spots can occur, which provides opportunity for someone to scale a fence and enter the property under cover of darkness.

The classic CCTV cameras also tended to work well in good light only, but newer VSS (video security systems) versions have developed to the point where they can now not only capture clear pictures without any security lights present. Additional components or sensors can be added to your CCTV or VSS systems that links them to other security measures in order to provide even better security in varied situations. These could include the following:

  • Carbon monoxide / fire detectors: Once these are triggered by an excess of carbon monoxide in the environment around the property, an alarm can be set off, sprinklers activated, and an emergency call made to the local fire department. This can all be automated and can happen without any human intervention.
  • Motion detectors: If movement is detected in a specific area, it can provide the exact location of the movement and alert security staff or the police. It can also automate lights to illuminate the areas where movement was detected.
  • Door or window opening: A sensor can be installed that will immediately sense when a window or door is being opened, and an alarm may sound (and the security company notified) for emergency response. These are specifically popular for use in residential homes as they are relatively easy to install and cost-effective to maintain.
  • Temperature: Typically used in industrial environments, sensors can be installed that can measure temperatures. These systems can alert the relevant persons when a certain room or environment becomes either too hot or too cold.
  • Glass breaking: CCTV systems can be combined with other sensors that will immediately detect a particular frequency, like when a glass or window is broken, and the relevant security responses will be triggered.

While CCTV systems are still being used and the very sight of them is often enough to deter any potential intruders, it is best to combine your CCTV systems with other security components in order to keep your property, family, and assets safe. Speak to our consultants at Tandem Security to create a completely custom-made security solution for you!