Alarm systems are very useful when you are away from your home or business premises. It monitors the property and warns of an access breach by notifying you or a security company. However, when you are in your home at night, only certain alarm zones may be active and it would be better if you could have more forewarning. Enter the infrared perimeter security systems that you could set up to warn you in good time when someone has trespassed.

Infrared perimeter security systems have wireless passive infrared sensors that may be installed inconspicuously in specific places where intruders may access your premises. They can also be set up in “funnel areas” through which anyone must pass to get to your house. This means that you are alerted of an intruder even before he has progressed to your house, or attempted to break in.

As soon as the beam is breached, the system sends a security-coded pulse RF (radio frequency) signal to a portable radio receiver to alert you. The radio receiver may be programmed with different pre-recorded messages. The appropriate message is played back to you to alert you as to which sensor in which zone was triggered.

These passive infrared sensors should be placed in such a way that they cannot be inadvertently triggered by pets or plants swaying in the breeze. False alarms may still occur, but these should be minimised.

Infrared perimeter security is not only handy for detecting intruders. It can also be set up to warn when pets have gained access to areas where they are not allowed, or when small children are getting too close to the swimming pool.