Communication to your gate is essential for total security and convenience, and intercom security systems in South Africa provide controlled and supervised access at any entrance and at exit points. Stand-alone intercoms and telephone entry, black and white video and other types can all be seen as the figurative gate between the visitor and the destination, and puts the onus on the person in the Home or office to decide whether to allow entry or not.

Tandem Security provides a wide range of intercom systems that cater for all access applications, from standard, right up to sophisticated digital audio and video entrance systems for larger applications. The risk of a house invasion by thugs should act as a warning for all, it is absolutely vital to be able to identify the person that shows up at one’s door. Intercom security systems in South Africa aren’t limited to the door entry alone though, but will permit many more applications than the regular entry door function. An intercom system will allow you to communicate to all or each station strategically placed in different rooms or offices.

Many intercom security systems in South Africa require dedicated wiring from room to room in order to work properly. You see these systems commonly in businesses and in Homes with built in security systems.

Attractive entrance stations with easy backlit push buttons are designed and engineered to be totally weatherproof, able to cope with any severe weather conditions. Additionally, gate access control is also manageable by the programming of certain entry codes you can give out to specific individuals. When mobile, the interior intercom can be used to open the gate from anywhere in the house.

If friends or colleagues call and find you out or unavailable, intercom security systems in South Africa are designed for such situations; allowing your visitors to automatically leave a recorded message that you can playback on your return.