Safety First With Intercom Systems for Pretoria Homeowners

Most of today’s younger South Africans may not even remember the time when it was still common practice to open the front door without fear of who may be attempting to gain an entry or, indeed, when many of us would not even bother to keep it locked. It is, however, very probably that those same young people will have heard plenty of horror tales about the fate of those who were less vigilant in today’s age of burglary and home invasions. Intercom systems are now helping an increasing number of Pretoria homeowners to ensure that they do not number among these victims.

These installation acts as a security buffer between the occupants of a given structure and anyone that may be seeking entry to that structure. It provides a means to request that visitors first identify themselves satisfactorily before access is granted. These devices may operate in a variety of ways according to the precise type of installation chosen.

The simplest form provides only audio communication between the occupant and the visitor and is ideal for those who are confident that they can identify callers by their voice alone. It is perhaps best to locate this type at the gate rather than at the front door, allowing residents to also confirm the identity of the caller visually before permitting entry. Audio only intercom systems fitted in Pretoria and other areas may allow either single or two-way communication and include a remote unlocking function. These systems may be either hardwired or configured to operate wirelessly.

For even greater peace of mind, a video-based system offers a far wider range of additional possibilities than is provided by the audio only units beginning with the choice of monochrome or colour. The gate unit may be automatically activated by a proximity sensor providing some advance warning of the caller and a chance to view him or her discretely. Alternatively a manual button can initiate the exchange.

More sophisticated units offer the possibility of capturing a video clip or still photograph of the visitor and even add a timestamp to provide a detailed record.  The equipment is of exceptionally tough construction and virtually vandal-proof while the cameras transmit their signals on a frequency that is reserved for CCTV and thus will not cause any interference with commercial television broadcasts.

Tandem Security is a specialised security company providing all forms of protection for both homes and businesses. It offers a professional consulting service that is designed to ensure the perfect installation to meet any need. From electric fencing, security gates and alarms to audio or video intercom systems, this Pretoria supplier offers quality products and exceptional service.