As South Africans, we have come to expect but not to accept the horrific and violent crime stories that we are bombarded with every time we pick up a newspaper or switch on the radio; unfortunately we can’t avoid it and we simply have to take appropriate intruder protection; keeping our homes safe is high on the list of priorities because this is what protects our family.

Is your perimeter wall high enough? And what about barbed wire? The only people who can answer your security questions adequately is a security company; everything relating to electric fencing, intercoms, surveillance cameras and electronic gates; that sort of thing.

By taking a few simple precautions towards intruder protection, we can dramatically reduce the risks.

Home Security Systems:

The reason why home security systems deter burglaries is because they increase the potential and fear of being caught and arrested. Wired or wireless, the first step towards intruder protection is to install a complete home security system, and with today’s technology, one can be installed easily and with minimal expense.

Surveillance Cameras:

These cameras are successful in allowing you to view more than one area at a time; with more and more features being offered all the time.  Place the motion sensor with your Security Camera anywhere in your home you want to protect – when motion is detected, the VCR will be automatically told to turn on and capture all of the action on tape. Your whole home and garden can be monitored.

By taking these simple steps towards intruder protection you can decrease your chances of being the victim of a crime while providing your family with a greater sense of security. Choose a security company with a solid history and proven track record – choose Tandem