The latest crime statistics released in 2007 by the South African Police Service provides a grim picture for safety and security of South African citizens. With extremely high crime figures in Gauteng, you cannot afford not to have intruder protection.

Tandem Security as one of the leading suppliers and installation companies of adequate intruder protection systems should be your first choice when it comes to the erection of electric fences, installation of motor gates, garage gates, and intercom systems.

Once the intruders are in your house, you and your loved ones are in grave danger. It is thus vital to set perimeter protection to ensure that criminals are not only detected early, but also to prevent entrance to your property and especially inside the house or office.

Many armed robberies and break-ins can be prevented through adequate intruder protection systems. The installation of these systems should however, not be left to amateurs or unknown persons as your safety can be jeopardized through incorrect installations. Apart from this, many criminals make use of the opportunity to gain access to security codes. You should thus make use of a reputable company with a good track record to supply and install intruder protection systems.

If you still doubt the need for adequate intruder protection, just read the newspaper. Just one suburb of Pretoria, Garsfontein, had more than 222 armed and aggravated robberies from April 2006 to March 2007. It indicates that if you live in Gauteng, you can expect at least one robbery, murder, attempted break-in, or theft daily in your immediate area. The criminals do not have any mercy and shoot their unarmed victims for as little as R50 or a cellphone. Adequate intruder protection should thus be your priority.

Tandem Security supplies and installs the following security systems and equipment to help you detect and deter criminals from trespassing on your property:

Electric fences

Tandem Security supplies wall top electric fencing as well as a free standing electric fencing system. The electric fences act as barriers and are far more efficient than bob wire or normal palisade as deterrents. With years of experience in the installation of electric fences, Tandem Security correctly and professionally installs the fences to ensure the minimization of false alarms.

Electric fence alarms

Tampering with electric fence systems can be detected through an alarm in the house. The alarm can also be connected to a 24 hour armed response service to ensure added security.

Strobe light

A strobe light can be fitted to the house to warn you in advance before entering the premise of possible intruders on the property and attempts to bypass the electrical fence system. This can safe your life.

Access control gates

Electric swing and slide gates powered by Gemini or Centurion motors, with infrared sensors to prevent accidental damaging of vehicles, help to reduce the incidences of hijacking at the driveways of Homes.

Intercom systems and cameras

To prevent unwanted elements from entering the premise, an intercom system or gate bell, together with a camera to identify the person at the gate can be installed. This helps to keep strangers outside your property while you can freely communicate with them from within the house.

Tandem Security not only supplies intruder protection systems to residential Homes, but also installs security and access control equipment at government offices, corporate office parks, factories, game farms, and complexes. The systems provided are of the highest standard and comply with all the safety regulations in the security industry. As a reputable member of the security industry Tandem Security endeavours to inform clients of the best options available to protect their premises. It is for this reason that the company always inspect the specific site before an official quote is provided.

If you require DYI sales you can simply email us to request a price on a specific product. We will forward the price and banking details. Once payment has been received in full, the stock will be released. If you stay in the greater Pretoria region, you can make use of our expertise in installation of the intruder protection systems by simply requesting an obligation free quote.